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In 1874 "Papetterie Ahmad Itani & Fils" was one of the very few to produce notebooks and ledgers, and soon became a leading supplier of paper in the region. With a continuum of success, the heirs of Ahmad Itani expanded into a wider range of related products. In 1973 they launched "Itani Printing & Trading" (IPT) offering a myriad of products and services that meet the demand of its modern market. Henceforth, IPT kept pace with technological advancements to face the future armed with confidence, expertise, and state-of-the-art technology delivering quality products and services to the satisfaction of our customers.

 With the onset of the millennium, IPT had established a strong foothold in the Middle East's printing industry. It had earned a significant reputation in continuous, variable, digital, and security printing. IPT is committed to providing independent printing services of high professional standards, and delivering customized products that are relevant to each client.