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Over the century, countless efforts of fraud & forgery have been attempted on all forms of documents with monetary value, some of which had succeeded. To prevent this, IPT implements comprehensive security measures starting from the raw materials, through to design, production processes, and distribution of the product. IPT ensures that printing is carried out with the utmost accuracy, security, and confidentiality.

Retailers, government offices, institutions, and banks are examples of customers who benefit from customized requirements that meet their specific needs. IPT's security printing offers a complete range of formats.

Security Features

Treated paper, security designs, special inks, encoding, and protective laminates are the elements that create document security and verifiability. A wide range of these print and design features are incorporated into documents depending on the client's specific needs.
Document authenticity may be verified at three levels:
  1. visual identification
  2. simple techniques using appropriate equipment
  3. complex analysis in a laboratory.
Maximum security is achieved by integrating all three levels into a single document, through several independent systems.

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