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  1. You transfer encrypted data to IPT's secure server for processing. Data may be sent in a variety of electronic formats such as CD-ROMs and magnetic disks, besides our online system. The primary communication portal is a secure tunnel through which the data is transferred securely and swiftly.
     We check the integrity of the data and format it.
  2. The data then follows an automated line whereby the information is variably printed onto your selected stationary, which may be designed by IPT.
    The documents are laser printed and coded with OMR's or barcodes to ensure accurate automated sorting.
  3. The letters are then folded and inserted into pre-printed envelopes after which they are finally delivered to postal authorities.

IPT offers you a range of options from multiple folding in any size, to several finishing options including collating, guillotining, trimming, bursting, stapling, binding, wrapping and labeling.

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